Jewelry Care

Gold Vermeil

Vermeil jewelry has recently become the go to jewelry of choice as it looks exactly like 14-karat gold however is at an affordable price. Gold vermeil is pure sterling silver metal with a thick gold coating. Our jewels are dipped in 14-karat gold and e-coated to ensure the products longer lifespan. Vermeil jewelry is perfect for the average consumer because it allows them to buy fashionable, high-quality pieces at an affordable price.




Vermeil jewelry is durable and high in quality, however, it is important to treat it with a little extra care. Always make sure to remove your gold vermeil jewelry when bathing or applying lotions and perfumes. Your gold vermeil pieces should also be the last thing you put on when getting dressed. To keep your jewelry looking as fresh as possible we recommend placing the piece safely inside the BIA Box given with every order. 




Rhodium plated silver jewelry is durable and high quality. Rhodium plated Jewelry will never tarnish or change color.